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“Mentorship should be a way of life.” - Kathy Kolbe

Mentorship is, and always has been, a very important aspect of Kathy Kolbe’s work and Kolbe Corp’s vision. Her lifelong work as a mentor and leader of women from all walks of life was recognized this week when she won the Athena Award in Phoenix.

Kathy has a long history of helping people to become more self-aware and confident in their strengths and abilities. Her self-funded research proved that everyone has an equal amount of conative strength and natural talent, regardless of gender, race or handicap. She doesn’t mince words when mentoring and coaching, teaching individuals that they are uniquely and perfectly capable of creative problem solving, and to be confident in the value they have to offer.

Mentorship is something that is done often, but isn’t often done well. Kolbe Corp develops tools to help mentors to offer the most appropriate and effective advice for each M.O. (modus operandi). Kathy recommends that would-be mentors check themselves in two areas before they actually work with someone.

First, do they have time? All too often mentorship programs fail because those involved spend too little time together, whether virtually or in-person. Mentors must make sure that they can make time for frequent and regular conversations with those they advise.

Second, what level of effort are they putting forth in their own lives, and is it a level that should be duplicated? Those familiar with the Dynamynd® can use the benchmark of the fourth and fifth levels for all three parts of the mind, asking if they currently exhibit passion, purpose and persuasion and compassion, mission and vision in their work.

If a mentor can answer these questions positively, then it’s imperative that they be paired with someone with no conative conflict in any of the four Action Modes®. Conative conflict sets the mentor relationship up to fail. Not to say it’s impossible, just very difficult to effectively mentor someone you conflict with.

One great example of a successful mentorship relationship would be Kathy Kolbe [2684] and Amy Bruske [3583]. 18 years ago, Kathy hired her daughter, Amy Bruske, as a sales trainer. Under her leadership, Amy grew to become a Kolbe Master Consultant, trainer, speaker, and a product developer. Amy is now the President of Kolbe Corp and was named the 2012 Business Woman of the Year by the Phoenix Chapter of NAWBO. 

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