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Conation Nation Remix

Conation Nation Symposium brought wonderful people from all over the world together to celebrate everyone’s strengths and differences. Though each of us follows the beat of a different drum, we found Synergy (and fun) as the event kicked off with a Jam Session that included everyone playing instruments and the song, My M.O. I Love It!

The pace was fast, and there was something for everyone; from classrooms to courtrooms to battlefields and boardrooms. In the breakouts we learned about parenting, relationships, hiring, team Synergy, mountain climbing, and much more.

Tremendous main sessions featured Kathy Kolbe’s latest breakthroughs in education and assessing children’s strengths, as well as a panel of health and wellness experts who apply the knowledge of conation to improving healthcare. The speakers were compelling and inspiring, as they spun stories about how conation is making a difference in the world.

Everyone celebrated the achievements of accomplished finalists and deserving winners of the very first Conative Excellence Awards Presentation. David Kolbe was Master of Ceremonies at the luncheon and a good time (not to mention good food) was had by all.

Now what? Get ready for the next Conation Nation Symposium early in 2015! 

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Not using an instinct to RESIST an action is like running a red light.

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“Don’t be successful at surviving, be successful at being yourself!”

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