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In the Spotlight...Jay Geier's Scheduling Institute


For more than 16 years, the Scheduling Institute has been teaching doctors and their staffs worldwide the unique process for new patient generation and practice expansion. Founded by Jay Geier, the Scheduling Institute's driving focus is to help doctors turn their practices into very successful and profitable businesses by leveraging an asset they already possess — Staff. Jay discovered the Scheduling Institute concept 28 years ago while serving as Marketing Director for a large private practice in Atlanta, Georgia. He spent four years fine-tuning and perfecting the system before fully dedicating himself to sharing it with doctors worldwide. 

In 2006, Jay took the Kolbe A™ Index when he attended Strategic Coach and he not only embraced his M.O. of 3384, but he had all of his staff take the Index. Soon, he realized that his clients needed Kolbe just as much as his staff did, so he had some of them get Kolbe Certified and started using it as part of their service. Kolbe Wisdom™ quickly became an integral part of their model and now they have a “Kolbe Department” with eight full-time staff, six of whom work as consultants going out to client practices.

They do two or three workshops for each client. During the first one, they have all of the staff take their Kolbe A and B™ Indexes. They teach them about the three parts of the mind and the 12 Strengths and then interpret their individual results, giving them advice about how to work together better. The second workshop focuses on the practice leadership. They take Kolbe C™ Indexes and receive a full set of Leadership Analytics™ reports about their productivity and efficiency. The concept of Team Synergy is explained and strategies are put in place to help them capitalize on their staff’s Natural Strengths using a “top-down coaching model.” They have just started using a third workshop to look at behaviors and are using the new Knack™ game as a reference to help people understand insistent and resistant Strengths.

The Scheduling Institute is taking things to the “next level” with a reorganization of the Kolbe Department. Initially it was led by Jessica McCauley, 8733, but they realized it was a much bigger job and needed more Quick Start energy. So they brought in Natalie Joy, 3394, and the two of them are rocking and rolling! Part of taking things to the next level is to extend Kolbe Wisdom to all of their families and friends. Jay has decided that they will hold internal events just so they can learn more about their M.O.s and how to use that understanding to improve their lives in the ways they care about most. 

In the Spotlight...

 Jay Geier's Scheduling Institute

For more than 16 years, the Scheduling Institute has been teaching doctors and their staffs...


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 “The Kolbe Wisdom™ Workshop helped me understand myself and other better. it also helped me to appreciate others for who they are – knowing we can’t change how we are wired.” 

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