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November 2013


Make an Investment that Will Change Your Life!

Spend a day focusing on YOU at the Kolbe Wisdom™ Workshop, and start doing what you do with greater productivity and a greater sense of fulfillment!

Reduce Stress, Improve Communication, Accomplish More...

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Can Entrepreneurs be “Too Ambitious”?

Global Entrepreneurs Week takes place November 18th – 24th, 2013. It is imperative to understand and even embrace the challenges that entrepreneurs face, and to understand that they have very specific conative needs...

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Kolbe and the Million Dollar Round Table

Kolbe Corp’s history of working with the financial services industry dates back to the 1987 Million Dollar Roundtable’s (MDRT) annual meeting in Chicago. We’d already been doing one-off sales to individual insurance brokers and financial planners for a few years...

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The Buzz

Leading in Complex Times – HBR
     Leaders should be themselves!

The Most Valuable Lesson that Changed My Life – LinkedIn
Natural Entrepreneurs initiate in Quick Start and back it up with facts - they have a need for risk and experimentation.

6 Ways to Encourage a Budding Little Entrepreneur – Inc
     Every child has their own M.O. - young entrepreneurs need to have the freedom to be themselves too.

Employee Engagement Drives Healthcare Quality and Financial Returns – HBR
    Imagine how much better healthcare would be if providers and their staffs were operating at the top levels of the Dynamynd®.


In the Spotlight...

 Jay Geier's Scheduling Institute

For more than 16 years, the Scheduling Institute has been teaching doctors and their staffs...


Featured Product...

 Creativity Cubes™

Pilot Program offered by Problem Solving Systems, Kolbe Corp’s sister company. Now we have a way to help EVERYONE know their creative edge, even non-readers, whether because of age or trauma – and you can help…


Blog from Kolbe

My Theory of Creative Problem Solving


Thought leaders often find it difficult to be team players, cuz team Levels of Effort drop to lowest common denominator.

Quote of the month...

 “The Kolbe Wisdom™ Workshop helped me understand myself and other better. it also helped me to appreciate others for who they are – knowing we can’t change how we are wired.” 

Kelvin Ching, Prosperity Mentor, Renaissance Companies

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