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June 2013


High Cost of Squelching the Instinct to Innovate

For years many educators and physicians have recommended drugging risk takers. Kids who naturally initiate innovation were told they shouldn’t...

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Breakthrough for Workers with Autism

Last month's business news out of Germany contained promising news on the employment front...

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Kolbe Wisdom Workshop - SOLD OUT

The June 18th  Kolbe Wisdom Workshop being held in Chicago has sold out!

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The Buzz

 Six Components of a Great Corporate Culture – HBR 
     People and the strengths they bring to the table are invaluable to great corporate culture. 

Why Your Innovation Leadership Training Will Fail – Forbes
    The need for true innovators and creating an environment to allow them the freedom to
    experiment is finally being acknowledged.  

The Most Overlooked Leadership Skill – HBR
    Kathy Kolbe often says, "Arrogance is the biggest learning disability."  This article shows how 
     being a "receiver" (opposite of arrogant) helps you be a great leader. 

Work-Life "Balance" Isn't the Point – HBR
    Strive for work-life effectiveness - not balance. 


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