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July 2014 Newsletter


Going With Your Gut in a Food Truck

A Conative Movie Review

Have you seen the movie Chef? The first 20 minutes are a perfect picture of what happens when a boss, teacher, or parent compels you to ignore your instinctive strengths, and it’s nothing good!

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Equally Creative at Any Age

Your conative talents are one part of you that doesn't diminish with age. In fact, your innate strengths make you Equally Creative at Every Stage of Life.


You will always be who you are.

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Kolbe Wisdomâ„¢ Workshop in Toronto

Toronto, ON - Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Have you found your groove yet, both personally and professionally? Learn to trust your instincts and leverage your strengths to improve your life. Come to our powerful one-day workshop in Toronto and get in your groove!

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The Buzz

Systems We Love: The Kolbe Profile – The Multiplier Mindset Strategic Coach Blog
    Kolbe Corp's strategic alliance with Strategic Coach is changing lives.
The Hard Part – Huffington Post
This is an excellent article about what teachers have to go through. It is clear that some of the issues are magnified depending on a teacher's own M.O. It really helps teachers if they work with their grain!
Have We All Been Duped by the Myers-Briggs Test? – Fortune
‘”One problem is that it displays what statisticians call low [only 50%] “test-retest reliability.”’ In comparison, the Kolbe A™ Index has an extremely high test-retest reliability.
Turning On The "No-Collar" Workforce – MediaDailyNews
   "...93% want a job where they can be themselves.” #KolbeRightFit

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 Kolbe RightFit™ Reports

Helps you hire people who are the right fit. Don't hire without it! 


Blog from Kolbe

Being a Clown


- Students do their best when they are aware of how to use their instinctive methods to get to the right answers.

Quote of the month...

-“This is the most precise measure of how one functions in life that I have seen. I have taken 30-40 other evaluations from schools to employers.”

-Doug Pettit, Director of Sales & Training, Suz4Health


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