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New Year's Resolution or Revolution

The New Year brings many things, including the dreaded “resolutions” and it would seem that many of them are never “resolved.” Statistics show that the most common of these is to lose weight, with eating healthy and exercising not far behind. However, it’s not surprising that Time Magazine identifies these as the the most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions. The bottom line is most people want to lose weight and get fit, but most fail.

Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” As inspired by a recent GEICO commercial, maybe instead of a Resolution to accomplish your goals you need a Revolution. 

Resolution:   noun \?re-z?-?lü- sh?n\ decision or determination; a resolve
to make a firm resolution to do something.


Revolution:  noun \?re-v?-?lü-sh?n\
sudden, complete or marked change in
something: the present revolution in
church architecture.      dictionary.com

Whatever you decide, leveraging your conative strengths is going to give you a much better chance to achieve your goals. Too often people try exercise and diet plans that others say are “the best” or the “latest and greatest” without considering what is going to work for their personal M.O.

Here are a few ideas to help you set yourself up for success!

Fact Finder Insistent – Cleary define your objectives, and research the best programs or methods for your specific situation. Ask experts and strategize. Motivate yourself with analogies and examples.
Fact Finder Resistant  - Estimate your goals and put them into the context of the big picture of things. Isolate the information you need to succeed and keep it simple.

Follow Thru Insistent – Put together a plan complete with milestones and make sure to have a back-up plan. Incorporating food and exercise diaries and lists will be helpful too. Keep motivated by tracking your progress on a chart or graph.
Follow Thru Resistant – Don’t commit to rigid plans; give yourself permission to be flexible in advance. Make sure you have different and diverse options to choose from day to day.

Quick Start Insistent – Make sure you allow room to experiment and be spontaneous when you set goals. For the best success, set many short-term goals with deadlines rather than a single big one and have different programs/plans that you can switch between so you don’t get bored. Motivate yourself with slogans and by telling your story to people.
Quick Start Resistant – Choose a plan that doesn’t take you “out-of-the-box” and incorporates the familiar. Stay within proven guidelines and don’t give yourself too many options.

Implementor Insistent – Make sure to include outdoor activities whenever possible but when indoors, use the weight machines and contraptions – in fact others may appreciate if you demonstrate how to use them properly. Make the investment in high quality gear and the best ingredients to motivate yourself.
Implementor Resistant – Be ready to “go for it” when you see an opportunity to turn an activity into exercise or imagine one that appeals to you. Use your ability to think in the abstract to your advantage when grocery shopping, setting goals and visualizing your end results.

Mediator/Facilitator – Find a buddy who will commit to goals with you and help keep you motivated. Look for group work-out opportunities and dietary support groups for best results. 


-A friend supports you in being your authentic conative self.  What are those other people doing in your life?

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