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Why should you attend Conation Nation Symposium?

Power Up with insights, ideas and inspiration!
Apply them to your business, life and relationships.

It’s not just another “Rah, Rah” meeting! Kolbe isn’t in the “Rah, Rah” business – we’re in the “Aha” business…


We are proud to announce our keynote speaker, Rich Vincent - Global Talent & Leadership Development Thought Leader for Amazon, Nestlé, Zurn Industries, and United States Air Force.

Rich Vincent will challenge us all with his unique thoughts and strategies around talent development and how strengths will be at the center of tomorrow's workforce.

Conation Nation is a community, and you’re already part of it. The Symposium is our opportunity to come together for the mission of Kolbe Corp: To help people understand their own and each other’s instinctive strengths and use that understanding to improve their lives in the ways they care about most. You will receive:

Insights from world-class companies to apply to your business and with clients.

Ideas that have practical applications and are scalable.

Inspiration to take action and Power Up your instincts.

Held at the beautiful Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, Conation Nation Symposium offers you the opportunity to relax, unwind and enrich your life while you Power Up your Instincts.

Choose from relevant breakout sessions for personal and professional development.

Event Pricing:                                            

Symposium Main Event (May 7th) - $450
Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultant Post Conference (May 8th) - $300
Early Registration Package for Both - $595 (Before December 15, 2014)

Register Here Now!

Take advantage of tremendous conference rates at the Westin Kierland Resort - rated #11 in the "Top Meeting Hotels in the US" now!

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- Kids taught to trust their instincts develop self-efficacy. Kids taught the "right" way to take action fear failure.

Quote of the month...

- “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”

Albert Einstein

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