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Kolbe Leadership Analytics in Action

Giving your employees the freedom to use their instinctive strengths can pay off in a variety of ways.  If you doubt it, just ask Dr. Chris Phelps.  His business is booming!

Since bringing Kolbe WisdomTM into his business to improve hiring and management of his team, internal conflicts are at an all-time low, and productivity is way up.  In fact, in the two years following the changes, the combined annual revenues for his two dental offices rose from $2.5 million to $6.5 million!

Sometimes using Kolbe Wisdom to help your business means implementing multiple strategies.  For Dr. Phelps, whose two dental practices now have a total of 49 employees, leveraging the conative strengths of his staff required him to evaluate both his new-hires and his existing employees.

 “For new employees, we’ve created a hiring process that uses Kolbe RightFitTM,” Chris says.  “Over the past two years, we’ve hired approximately 15 employees, and the results have been fantastic.  We don’t hire anyone with a RightFit score lower than a B-.  These new employees all match up very well with the rest of our staff, and every one of them is still working with us.”

When Chris completed Kolbe CertificationTM  training in 2012, he decided to have Leadership Analytics reports completed for both of his dental practices.  Employees completed Kolbe ATM Indexes to determine their conative strengths and Kolbe BTM Indexes to identify their expectations regarding their jobs.  Additionally, managers completed Kolbe CTM Indexes to identify their perspective on the positions that reported to them.  He then used the results to help him determine how his two offices could be run more efficiently.

“According to the reports, our offices were suffering from polarization,” he says.  “So, we re-assigned some of our people between the two offices.  Additionally, we began to ‘hire for the middle.’  By that, I mean that we made a conscious effort to hire facilitators who would be able to mediate between our individual employees who either initiated or resisted within the four Action Modes®.”

Chris also used the Leadership Analytics results to help him redefine specific jobs in each office.

“For example, we have an office manager who has worked with us since she was a teenager.  She’s smart, she has a terrific personality, and she is well-liked by her co-workers and by our patients,” Chris says.  “A big part of her job involves processing insurance claims and then ensuring that our patients are reimbursed for their covered dental expenses.

“However, this employee is a three in Fact Finder, a two in Follow Thru and a nine in Quick Start.  I’m an initiating Quick Start too, and I realized that a daily routine of focusing on details and following set procedures for processing insurance claims did not match up well with her instinctive strengths.  She must have been experiencing a lot of conative stress in that position.  I knew that if we gave her more freedom, she would likely come up with her own creative strategies for getting our patients paid more quickly.”

The manager was given her own office (where she could decide how to do her job) as well as the freedom to interact with patients and co-workers, as she had always done in the past.  

“I also moved her to an incentive-based compensation plan.  As our revenues went up, so would her salary,” says Chris.  “In the very first month, our revenues went from $150,000 (where they had been for several years) to $210,000, and the office manager doubled her salary!

“Now she is a much more productive employee, our patients are happy about the fact that they are reimbursed quickly, our business is growing, and the stress reduction has made her a much happier person at work and at home,” he says. 

Implementing a few key recommendations from the Leadership Analytics reports not only drove impressive revenue gains, it created more successful, less stressed team members and higher client satisfaction.  That’s a combination any business owner can love.


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