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Fourth Quarter 2014


Why should you attend Conation Nation Symposium?

Power Up with insights, ideas and inspiration! 

Apply them to your business, life and relationships.


We are proud to announce our keynote speaker, Rich Vincent, Ph.D. - Global Talent & Leadership Development Thought Leader for Amazon, Nestlé, Zurn Industries, and United States Air Force.

Rich Vincent will challenge us all with his unique thoughts and strategies around talent development and how strengths will be at the center of tomorrow's workforce.

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Kolbe Leadership Analytics in Action

Giving your employees the freedom to use their instinctive strengths can pay off in a variety of ways.  If you doubt it, just ask Dr. Chris Phelps.  His business is booming!

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The Danger of Conative Stereotyping…

It’s important to recognize that each person’s Kolbe A™ Result is unique to that individual. Yes, people often have similar M.O.s and we can identify, and even predict, how they will do things – but sometimes people’s M.O.s manifest in unexpected ways. It’s never a good idea to make assumptions…

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The Buzz

Save Your Next Staff Meeting From Itself – HBR
Great tips that are helpful if you consider people's M.O.s.
Why Employee Engagement May Not Drive Productivity – LinkedIn 
     Helping people to know and understand their M.O. changes everything!
4 Things You Thought Were True About Time Management – HBR
It's not about time managment...it's about being productive.
Testing for Talent: An HR Case Study – SHRM Magazine
   How Barnum Financial Group used the Kolbe System™ to guide coaching communications and teamwork.

In the Spotlight...

 Podcast of Brain Care Broadcast Interview with Kathy Kolbe

Featured Product...

 Kolbe RightFit™ Reports

Helps you hire people who are the right fit. Don't hire without it! 


Blog from Kolbe

Same M.O. Marriages


- Kids taught to trust their instincts develop self-efficacy. Kids taught the "right" way to take action fear failure.

Quote of the month...

- “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”

Albert Einstein

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