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Holiday Conation and Gift-Giving Guide

Everywhere you go there are signs of the holiday season, from twinkling lights and red bows to trees and door-buster sale signs. Music and decorations are all around as shoppers search for just the right gifts to give and party-goers share holiday cheer. Have you ever thought about the role of conation in it all? Many styles are about people’s preferences and emotions, but conation is there too.

You can hear it in music like:

  • The Dreidel Song – Implementor strength is demonstrated by making sure that the dreidel is just right, whether made out of clay, wood or glass…
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Santa’s natural Follow Thru is demonstrated in his need to make a list and check it twice…
  • Jingle Bell Rock – Quick Starts dream of being spontaneous and trying many different things without planning ahead…
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Only Fact Finder’s become gleeful when they can name every reindeer, in order.

…and see it in the ways people decorate too. 


…and what about gift giving? Have you heard this conversation somewhere before?

Him: What do you want for Christmas?

Her: Surprise me.

Him: That’s no help. I need to know what you would like.

Her:  I would like you to know me well enough to be able to surprise me with something you know would be perfect for me.

Why suffer through these conversations that could be solved by knowing each other’s Kolbe A™ Index results? It could go more like this:

Him: I’ve found the perfect gift for you – but no way that I’m going to let you figure out what it is.

Her: Oh, I’m so excited. This will make Christmas so much fun!

Him: While I know you love surprises, here’s my list – with brand names and the on-line links for the top three things on my wish list.

Her: Thanks for making it easy, but don’t be surprised if I surprise you with a little something else.

Show you care. Give gifts that fit conative needs. Here are a few ideas for giving gifts that match your loved-ones conative M.O.s:

Conative Fact Finders need to be appropriate. Give them something that indicates status (briefcase, pen, etc.)

Conative Follow Thrus need structure: Give them ways to organize their lives that they can customize (and promise not to mess with how they use it).

Conative Quick Starts need whimsy in their lives. Surprise them with unusual and fun things (color matters a lot).

Conative Implementors need quality tools. Find out what they are working on and get them something they can use. (Find out which brands they like best.)

Take some time this year to Get Conative!


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