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December 2013


Holiday Conation and Gift-Giving Guide

Everywhere you go there are signs of the holiday season, from twinkling lights and red bows to trees and door-buster sale signs. Music and decorations are all around as...

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Dos and Don'ts to Reduce Holiday Stress

All the positive feelings about the holidays won’t prevent conatively caused stress between family and friends. Here are a few tips to surviving those festive gatherings:

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Remembering Christmas Around the World

Kolbe Corp has clients and Kolbe Certified™ Consultants all over the world. Most of our three-day certification programs take place in the USA and Canada, but over the years we have offered training in Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Croatia, Netherlands, Mexico and frequently in the UK.

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The Buzz

4 Bio-inspired Tips to Create Better Teams – LinkedIn
     Contrary to widespread belief, biologists are finding that successful organisms tend to collaborate more than compete.

America's entrepreneurial spirit is in jeopardy   – CNBC.com
You can teach business management and ownership skills, but not entrpreneurial spirit - you're either born with it, or you're not.

How to Choose the Right Protégé  – HBR
     Avoid "mini-me" syndrome - In Kolbe terms, don't clone yourself, strive for conative Synergy!

Stuck in a Job You Hate? – LinkedIn
    Don't be stuck in a job you hate! Find a job that fits you with the Kolbe Career MO+™.


In the Spotlight...

 Remembering Nelson Mandela 

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 Kolbe RightFit™ Year-end Hiring Specials. Call an account representative today for more details - 602-840-9770. 

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Self confidence is emotional. Self esteem usually ties to intellect. Self efficacy is trusting your instincts.

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-“We were all created equally capable of being creative.” 

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