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Kolbe.com Gets a New Look and Feel


On August 3rd, Kolbe Corp launched a completely redesigned website. With over 200 unique pages, it is designed to better deliver information and the company vision to clients and fans all over the world.

“The first goal was to make the site better for clients and visitors.  In listening to user comments we figured out that the site needed to be easier to read and navigate,” says CEO David Kolbe. “And with the continuing trend toward mobile and tablet devices, we also needed to build the site so it works better on different size screens. We also made big changes to the backend of the site so we can make future updates and improvements more quickly to respond to user suggestions and social media opportunities.”

Kolbe’s team worked tirelessly over the course of the last three months to accomplish these goals. First, they learned the ins and outs of a new content management system; second, they designed and built the website; and third, built an interface with the secure part of the site where Kolbe products are purchased and Indexes are taken and accessed. Many hands (and eyes and ears) from all departments helped, making this truly a team effort. Whether it was designing, coding, programming, writing or proofreading content, selecting and customizing images, or providing support – kudos go to everyone!

The navigation is simpler and information is easier to find with the menu divided into the main categories of Solutions, Assessments, Why Kolbe, Online Store and My Account. There are sub menus that address solutions for business, personal and family applications, as well as telling visitors all about Kolbe Corp’s history, leadership, products, expertise and much more.

We hope you’ll have a chance to visit the updated website soon.  When you do, let us know what you think about it.  User input was instrumental in designing the changes, and will be key to both catching typos that may have snuck past our reviewers, and keeping up with technology.  Check it out at www.kolbe.com


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