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In the Spotlight...Susan Spritz Myers: Coaching and Consulting that is Kolbe Inspired


Susan Spritz Myers works with business executives as a Master Certified Coach and a Kolbe Certified™ Master Team Consultant.  Susan was Kolbe Certified in 2000 and has been conatively aware of how everyone uses their innate talents every day since then.  She naturally remembers almost everyone’s Kolbe score; to her it is part of who they are, like their name or face!

Susan’s business is divided between individual executive coaching work and Kolbe team consulting projects.  During the first individual coaching session Susan learns about who her clients are and they create an agenda for the work.  Session two is ALWAYS an introduction to Kolbe so that the coaching delivery is crafted to fit the client’s M.O. She builds a solid understanding for the client on how their M.O. supports and challenges them and their agenda. In addition to the Kolbe A™ Index, the coaching tools she uses include:

  • Kolbe B™ Index – the individual’s view of the functional demands of his/her role
  • Kolbe C™ Index – the boss’s expectation of a specific role
  • Kolbe Leadership Analytics™ Reports
  • Kolbe Coaching Reports
  • Kolbe Comparisons™ Reports reflecting Conflict, Strain and Tension
  • The boss’s Kolbe A Index
  • Comparions: A to A™ Reports with the boss   

Susan uses other tools to understand the affective parts of the client, which may include emotional IQ tools, strengths tools, and a leadership 360°, where stakeholders provide confidential feedback on the client.  These tools are selected based on client need.  Kolbe is always used and is fundamental to how Susan supports clients.

Kolbe teamwork comes from the coaching work, often from the boss’s intrigue with the power and insight provided in the individual coaching work.  Consulting work usually includes a team session and individual follow-up sessions with each participant and boss.  In the team session, Susan reviews the Kolbe B and C Indexes and the Comparisons: A to A reports. Then she digs into how Conflict, Strain and Tension might be playing out for the participants.  The conversation is an opportunity to reveal what is happening in their working relationship through the conative lens.  Clients are thrilled to have what is happening on a daily basis explained and have the opportunity to create strategies to work smarter together.

Susan jokes that she gets bored quickly given her M.O. of 4392, yet she hasn’t gotten bored with Kolbe.  The more she teaches the Kolbe Concept® to clients and teams, the more she finds new and fascinating nuances.

Susan lives in the Chicago suburbs and dances the work/life challenge like many of her clients - with an interesting professional life and the activities of her two teenagers. She says knowing their Kolbe M.O.s has really helped with supporting them through school.

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