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August 2013


Kolbe.com Gets a New Look and Feel

On August 3rd, Kolbe Corp launched a completely redesigned website. With over 200 unique pages, it is designed to better deliver information and the company vision to clients and fans all over the world.

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Kolbe Conables® to Combat Strain

Every day we find ourselves dealing with tasks for which we are not naturally suited. They simply go against our grain. As much as we might like to be a “10” in everything, none of us is. This means some things come easily to us, and others just don’t.  Kolbe can detect this by comparing a Kolbe A™ Index result with a Kolbe B™ Index result... 

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Kolbe Wisdom™ Workshop Heads West

Trust Your Instincts; Change Your Life!  
Los Angeles - Friday, December 6th
   • Resolve conflict
   • Improve communication
   • Get more done in less time
   • Achieve the freedom to be yourself

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The Buzz

Discovering Your Niche: Are You a Fish Trying to Climb A Tree? – Philippine SunStar
    A summary of conation worth sharing.

The High Costs of a Bad Hire and How to Avoid Them – LinkedIn
     Kolbe RightFit™ reports save companies from bad hiring decisions. 

7 Secrets of Highly Happy Children – Huffington Post
    Kids can't be happy or truly successful if they aren't free to be themselves. 

Creating a Healthy Workplace for Working, Living and Well-Being – HBR
   Understanding conation and helping people stop working against their grains will help people be healthier at work (and at home). 

What Inspires Me: A Vision of Work Built for People – LinkedIn
    What is a "Human Workplace?"


In the Spotlight...

Susan Spritz Myers: Coaching and Consulting that is Kolbe Inspired...

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Blog from Kolbe

5 Simple Steps to Avoid Getting a Job Interview


<p>People around you (including kids) ought not to do things your way, they should do them their own way.</p>


Quote of the month...

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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