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Kolbe Corp Releases Solutions for Understanding and Managing Teams

Whether it’s a baseball team, a sales team, or a team of software developers, every team should have a clear and effective strategy for increasing productivity and ensuring ultimate team success.  Kolbe Corp recently introduced two online solutions to enable users to easily understand how specific teams function most productively and how individual instinctive strengths can be leveraged to increase the chances of success.

Kolbe Corp’s Team Collaboration SurveyTM report gives team leaders insight into how their teams work in a matter of seconds, and right in the palms of their hands.

This new solution was recently introduced at Kolbe Corp’s annual Conation Nation Symposium. It identifies how teams operate and gives leaders guidance on how to lead their team based on the team’s specific dynamics – and it’s free!

“Talking about work groups as teams is trendy, but we’re seeing too many leaders who don’t really understand how their teams function,” said David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp. 

A recent article in The Harvard Business Review noted that data collected over the past two decades indicate that “the time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50% or more.”

“Some types of work (like bookkeeping and phone sales) are best done by individuals working independently,” Kolbe added. “Other types of work (like product development and marketing) are best done when team members interact with one another. Leaders need to know what kind of teams they have if they want them to operate at high levels.”

The survey was designed to offer a straightforward and quick way for team leaders and members to get insight into their teams.  It takes less than five minutes to go online and answer the survey’s seven questions.  The results, which include a team analysis and practical leadership tips, come immediately after answering the questions.

Kolbe Corp is offering the survey and results for free, and it can be accessed online at teamsurvey.kolbe.com

Leaders can then purchase Kolbe Corp's Team Guidance SystemTM reports which provide you with customized analysis and advice (based on your survey results) to help your team reach its full potential.  The reports provide analysis of team culture, highlight areas of potential team stress, and identify individuals who are “at-risk” due to stress factors.  The reports also provide strategies for addressing specific challenges.

For more information on these solutions, click here. We will be offering a continuing education webinar on November 16th at 1pm ET for Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultants to learn more.  See the Learning Portal on the Certified Consultant Center (http://certified.kolbe.com/) to register.

“We’re very excited to offer these two cutting edge solutions to help individuals in any field to better understand how various teams work and to improve team productivity,” said Amy Bruske, president of Kolbe Corp.  “By using the Team Collaboration Survey and the Team Guidance System in combination with other Kolbe solutions, managers, coaches, and team members greatly increase the likelihood that their teams will be successful.”


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