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Kolbe Corp Honors Creativity with Conative Excellence Awards

An entrepreneur who explores the connection between conative stress and chronic pain; a consulting firm that helps physicians and dentists use conation to improve patient experiences; an IT professional and self-described computer geek who uses the latest technological developments to connect thousands of individuals and organizations with easy online access to Kolbe solutions.  What do they have in common?  All three were recently honored as winners of Kolbe Corp’s Conative Excellence Awards at the Conation Nation Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ.

WARREN BARRY - Professional Award

Warren Barry (l) and David Kolbe (r)   

Warren Barry has a long track record as a successful entrepreneur and as an innovative healthcare professional specializing in pain management.  His work as a business owner and a therapist led Warren to establish Instinctive Solutions, which is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals understand their instinctive “conative” strengths and operate from a position of confidence and energy.

Warren won Kolbe Corp’s Professional Award in recognition of his efforts to integrate Kolbe Wisdom™ into his practice to explore the correlation between conative stress and chronic pain. He became a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant in 2010.

“I hope this award will lead to greater recognition of the role that Kolbe solutions can play in helping more patients to reduce stress in their lives and to overcome many of the healthcare challenges they are facing,” Warren said. 









(L to R) Elizabeth Sinclair, Kathy Kolbe, and     Caitlin Cummings

For almost a decade, Scheduling Institute has been helping thousands of dentists and their employees to leverage their instinctive “conative” strengths to deliver exceptional customer service and expand their businesses. Under the leadership of Founder and President Jay Geier, the Institute has conducted more than 700 Kolbe trainings, and Scheduling Institute participants have completed tens of thousands of  Kolbe Indexes.

The Institute was recently honored for its efforts when it was named the winner of Kolbe Corp’s Enterprise Award. The award honors an organization for using the Kolbe SystemTM of conative strengths assessments to achieve positive, quantifiable results in major projects. By identifying and leveraging their own conative strengths, Scheduling Institute clients can more effectively reduce stress, increase productivity, and build vibrant dental practices.

“Conation and Kolbe solutions have been incredibly useful to our clients as they grow their businesses,” said Scheduling Institute training consultant Elizabeth Sinclair. “Kolbe helps our clients to confidently hire, train and retain the right people for the right jobs.”

JAMES TRUJILLO - Founder's Award











Kathy Kolbe and James Trujillo

Kolbe Corp’s Founder's Award is given to individuals whom Kathy Kolbe, the creator of the Kolbe Theory, chooses to recognize for their significant contributions to the development of the theory. This year she honored James Trujillo at Conation Nation Symposium.

“James has gone well beyond his official role in the company,” Kolbe said. “He has helped me define and protect the basic algorithms and systems that diagnose and prescribe the use of natural conative strengths through Kolbe products and services.”

James is Kolbe Corp’s VP of Technology and Development. He has been committed to the Kolbe mission for more than 17 years.

“I have dedicated my life to the theory of conation and the study of human behavior, helping Kathy take her theories from the analog realm to the digital realm,” James said. “ Over the course of my time with Kolbe, I have had the incredible and rare opportunity to work for an organization that strives to empower individuals to be who they are, to change their lives or to simply affirm what they know about themselves to be true.  I am humbled and honored by the recognition with the Founder's Award.”

 “We are very pleased to honor these individuals and their colleagues for making it possible for so many people to use conation and Kolbe solutions to grow their businesses and lead better lives,” said Kolbe Corp CEO David Kolbe. “They have all established themselves as leaders in promoting greater understanding of conation and enabling more people to enjoy the freedom to be themselves.”


-A friend supports you in being your authentic conative self.  What are those other people doing in your life?

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