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2016 Third Quarter


Conation Nation Symposium: “Best Ever!”

The recent Conation Nation Symposium on September 22nd – 23rd was a booming success!  With a number of exciting product announcements, networking opportunities, and much, much more, participants described the Symposium as being “best ever”

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Kolbe Corp Honors Creativity with Conative Excellence Awards

An entrepreneur who explores the connection between conative stress and chronic pain; a consulting firm that helps physicians and dentists use conation to improve patient experiences; an IT professional and self-described computer geek who uses the latest technological developments to connect thousands of individuals and organizations with easy online access to Kolbe solutions.  What do they have in common?  All three were recently honored as winners of Kolbe Corp’s Conative Excellence Awards

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Kolbe Corp Releases Two Solutions for Understanding and Managing Teams

Kolbe Corp recently introduced two online solutions to enable users to easily understand how specific teams function most productively and how individual instinctive strengths can be leveraged to increase the chances of success.

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Apt Careers Interview With Kathy Kolbe

Kathy Kolbe was recently interviewed by Heather Wagenhals on “UnlockYourWealthTV” regarding the new AptTM Careers solution.  To see the full interview, just click the link below.  Find out if you are in the right profession for you!

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Your Creativity Could Earn You a Free Kolbe Assessment!

Put your creative energy to work, and help us find a good punch line for this cartoon!

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Latest Kolbe Conative Tips

Check out our latest brief video tips, available online.

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The Buzz

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-A friend supports you in being your authentic conative self.  What are those other people doing in your life?

Quote of the month...

“Kolbe Theory is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to help others to enjoy the freedom to be themselves!  Now I understand why I do things in my own way!”

Patti Perdue
Patti G. Perdue Consulting

Blog From Kolbe

Kolbe Corp EVP Frank Reid has started a blog to share some of his insights gained over a 30+-year career in human resources.Take a look a one of his latest posts and let us know what you think.


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