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2016 Second Quarter


Summer Vacation: Recharging Your Conative Battery

Believe it or not, “vacation exhaustion” is a real problem.   A few years ago, a survey of 1,000 recent travelers found that more than half of them came back tired from vacation.  The problem is that they needed to recharge their conative energy, and that requires “leisure,” not recreation.

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Two Leadership Experts to Address Conation Nation Symposium

Suzanne J. Peterson, Ph.D., and Lisa M. Buckingham scheduled to address Symposium dedicated to understanding human instinctive strengths.

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Conation Nation Symposium Updates

Conation Nation Symposium is right around the corner, and we're busy getting all of the preparations in place.  Check out these exciting updates, and then click here to register for this fantastic event focused on networking, entrepreneurship, instinctive strengths, organizational development, and enjoying the freedom to be yourself!

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Talent Development Leader Stephanie Clergé Named Director of Training for Kolbe Corp

Operational leader, trainer, and executive coach brings wide-ranging skills and experience to help market leader meet demand for teambuilding solutions.

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Kolbe Conative Tips

Check out these brief video tips, available online.

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Kolbe Y™ Index and Parent Guide Get a Make Over

Great news for all of you who have kids, or know someone who has kids! Whether you’ve previously purchased Kolbe Y Indexes and Kolbe Parent Guides or purchase them now, you have access to the redesigned reports. 

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Your Creativity Could Earn You a Free Kolbe Assessment!

Put your creative energy to work, and help us find a good punch line for this cartoon!

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New Blog from Kolbe EVP

Kolbe Corp EVP Frank Reid has started a blog to share some of his insights gained over a 30+-year career in human resources.

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The Buzz

The Biggest Mistake You're Making When Introducing Yourself  Inc.
Want to make your introductions more impactful?  Stop skipping this one crucial element.


How Does "Creativity" Translate Across Different Cultures? FASTCOCREATE.COM
A new report shows the variety in attitude and approach to creativity in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, China, and India.



-A friend supports you in being your authentic conative self.  What are those other people doing in your life?

Quote of the month...

“Kolbe Theory is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to help others to enjoy the freedom to be themselves!  Now I understand why I do things in my own way!”

Patti Perdue
Patti G. Perdue Consulting

Blog From Kolbe

Kolbe Corp EVP Frank Reid has started a blog to share some of his insights gained over a 30+-year career in human resources.Take a look a one of his latest posts and let us know what you think.


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