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Making a Difference With Conative Diversity

“We see ourselves as ‘capability cultivators’,” says Reach Capabilities’ Partner & President, Wayne Smith (3782)]. “In every one of our client relationships, we strive to help individuals identify and harness their natural capabilities so they can move along a path of discovery, from self-awareness, to mutual understanding, and on to greater team productivity.

Wayne Smith-Photo
 Wayne Smith

Wayne’s husband, Ross Slater (6644), is also his partner and the vice president of Reach Capabilities. Throughout their company’s nine-year history, Wayne and Ross have introduced the Kolbe Theory to more than 8,000 people. Ross attributes much of their success to two factors.

Reach-Ross Slater-Photo  Ross Slater

“First, our conative MO’s complement one another,” he says. “While Wayne’s ‘8’ in Quick Start drives him to come up with new ideas all of the time, my facilitator strengths make sure that things get done day-to-day.”

“Second, we think of our presentations as ‘edutainment with purpose.’ We want our clients to have fun while they are learning something very important about their instinctive strengths.”

Kolbe solutions comprise roughly 60% of their consulting business.

“We use Kolbe solutions to make a difference while we grow our business,” Wayne says. “Whenever possible, we try to reach the key decision-makers in an organization and explain how the three parts of the mind work together and complement one another. Once we convince the senior people, it’s much easier for us to get the message about conation out to the rest of the company – ‘You can’t push water uphill.’”

Getting the Message Out

Earlier in his career, Wayne spent a decade in the financial services industry. Today, Reach Capabilities works with a number of banks that have been clients for many years.

“With these long-term clients, we’re able to watch as the org-charts change over time,” Ross says. “This enables us to identify gaps in the team where they might be missing or cloning specific conative strengths. By addressing these situations early, we can help them avoid big problems and maximize team productivity.”

Ross and Wayne also promote Kolbe solutions through a very disciplined marketing strategy.

“Whenever possible, every attendee at our sessions is contacted through social media,” Wayne says. “Then we provide them with collateral materials such as ‘Mind Menus,’ customized pens, and other items that promote our brand and the four colors of the Kolbe MO. The objective is to stay present with them and keep conation foremost in their minds. Maybe that’s why our clients often refer to us as ‘the Kolbe guys’ rather than by our company name!”

Ultimately, Wayne and Ross strive to help managers expedite and improve their hiring and team building processes by leveraging their conative diversity.

Ross adds, “We see our organization as a good example of what teams can accomplish when they leverage their conative energy.”



-A friend supports you in being your authentic conative self.  What are those other people doing in your life?

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“Kolbe Theory is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to help others to enjoy the freedom to be themselves!  Now I understand why I do things in my own way!”

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