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New Kolbe Index Result

Drum roll please…..We can hardly wait for you to see and experience your new, 2016 Version, Kolbe ATM Index result! We began releasing it in January, and now it is available for everyone who has ever taken it.

Kathy and the entire Kolbe Corp team realize our moral imperative to help people understand their MO, hear it, use it, live it and experience the freedom of acting on their instincts.  She spent countless hours writing new Kolbe A Index results for every MO, validating all variations of conative strengths.

These new results are written the way Kathy talks– direct, bottom-line, informative and passionate.

You’ll also hear audios of her throughout – and now transcriptions are available for the hearing impaired.

The first thing you’ll realize is the strong emphasis on what you need to do (and not do) to be free to be yourself. Her new “Do” and “Don’t” section is proving to be the users’ favorite.  It took Kathy’s expertise in conative communication to capture just the right way to urge people to express what will really work for them.

"When I first wrote Kolbe A Index results, I wanted to be sure users understood the differences between their desires and their realities,” Kathy said. “While working on this new version I was passionately pounding on the table as I came up with phrases I hope will get people to trust their instincts and advocate for who they are – and the freedom they need in order to succeed.”

There are NO conative weaknesses, as the results emphasize. A result with a 1 in any of the Action Modes® has equal power as a 10. It is simply a different way of researching, organizing, or dealing with unknowns or the tangible world.

Check out “Your Conative Timeline” for significant new insights into how you use your conative energy. Also look for the added Conables® Tips in the “Time & Energy” section and the “Communication” that we hope you will put into practice immediately.

“The Kolbe Corp team has collaborated wonderfully to streamline and make the 2016 Kolbe Index result highly accessible,” Kathy said.

She wraps up the results with a recap of all the different ways the design team helps you visualize and remember your MO:









GET CONATIVE! If you haven’t seen it yet, please revisit the online version of your own Kolbe A Index result and experience the difference today. Don’t forget to turn up your speakers and listen to the audio portions, too. Click here to access it on either Kolbe.com or WAREwithal.com. 


-A friend supports you in being your authentic conative self.  What are those other people doing in your life?

Quote of the month...

“Kolbe Theory is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to help others to enjoy the freedom to be themselves!  Now I understand why I do things in my own way!”

Patti Perdue
Patti G. Perdue Consulting

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Kolbe Corp EVP Frank Reid has started a blog to share some of his insights gained over a 30+-year career in human resources.Take a look a one of his latest posts and let us know what you think.


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