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HR Services Help Kolbe Consultants Expand Their Role


Today, companies face a growing number of complicated human resources challenges ranging from recruitment to benefits, from diversity to changing corporate cultures. In response to these developments, Kolbe Corp recently announced the addition of Human Resources Consulting to its list of business services.

Professionals who are familiar with conation now have a fantastic opportunity to offer critical services to their clients and to their own organizations.  Whether you are an external consultant interested in beefing up your suite of solutions, or if you’re a manager in a company that needs occasional assistance with HR issues, Kolbe Corp can help.

For this issue of Kolbe Connection, we spoke with Kolbe Corp Executive Vice President of HR Consulting Frank Reid to learn about the array of HR consulting services that Kolbe Corp has to offer.

Why is Kolbe Corp offering HR consulting?  Is the company turning its focus away from conation? 

Absolutely not!  For four decades, Kolbe Corp has been involved with helping our clients to recruit the best candidates and to build highly productive teams of successful individuals.  So, we’ve been involved in HR for a very long time.  However, as the business environment has changed, so have the needs of our clients.  This service is our way of helping them to meet those needs.

What kinds of services will be offered?

We offer assistance with everything ranging from team building and leadership development to diversity and employee engagement.  Additionally, we can help with a wide variety of issues that arise with “big” corporate changes, such as mergers and acquisitions.

Is there a new need for these services?

Anyone who has worked in HR knows that the field is constantly changing, and new issues and opportunities arise every day. 

In today’s economy, many organizations are looking for solutions that will enable them to reduce costs for HR while they improve processes that are no longer effective or relevant.  Additionally, many companies are looking for more effective HR delivery systems (e.g., employee self-service solutions).  We also will help our clients to better align the HR function to support their businesses.

What qualifies you to offer HR consulting services to Kolbe Corp clients?

For more than three decades, I have held leadership roles in HR, and I have worked domestically and internationally in companies involved with insurance, financial services, information services, software, and publishing.  During that time, I built a number of highly effective teams and developed individual leaders who have gone on to successful careers.

Additionally, while I joined Kolbe Corp little more than a year ago, I have been actively involved with the organization and with Kathy Kolbe for almost 20 years.  I became a Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultant in 1997, and I have long believed that the Kolbe suite of assessments and team building products are among the very best solutions for managers who are interested in placing the right people in the right positions.

What do you say to independent consultants who might see this offering as a competitive threat to their own businesses?

Actually, I see this service as giving our consultants a competitive advantage.  Naturally, we have no interest in taking business away from our consultants; rather, we are providing our clients and our consultants with additional resources for the people and organizations they are serving.  We are currently teaming up with several consultants who compete in the HR arena.

What is your primary objective for this program?

At a minimum, I’m hoping to help our consultants grow their businesses.  If providing strategic HR consulting services enables our partners to open new business opportunities, then we will have achieved that objective.  Anything else is a bonus!


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