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Abacus CPAs

Since its founding in 1998, Abacus CPAs, in Springfield, MO, has achieved an impressive reputation for innovation and consistent growth, expanding from five employees to more than 60.  The firm was recently honored with an “Economic Impact Award” from the Springfield Business Journal


Company management credits the Kolbe ATM Index with helping the firm to successfully hire the right people over the past 10 years.  According to the Business Journal’s award nomination, Abacus follows a rigorous hiring process, “and if there’s more than one candidate, he or she is evaluated on the Kolbe A Index that measures a person’s instinctive method of operation, which stays stable over time. All Abacus employees know their number in each of the four Action Modes® – Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quick Start and Implementor – which are displayed on their desks” and on the company website.


Abacus Managing Partner Bill Dunton accepted the award at a special event on July 23.  Bill will also be honored with the Business Journal’s Trusted Advisor Award at a luncheon on September 18.


According to Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultant and Abacus “Supervisor of Chaos” Adrienne McCoy, “by adopting Kolbe Theory,  we have changed the way we speak to clients, interviewees, new hires and staff.   We use RightFit in building our teams, and we go out of our way to make sure our staff members are working within their conative strengths to allow for a more productive, less stressful work environment.


“With clients, we act as advisors and consultants rather than just preparing tax returns.  We use Kolbe to help clients in their strategic planning, and in hiring the right people.


“I also do a quarterly seminar on Kolbe,” Adrienne adds.  “The seminar is free for clients and friends who might be interested in learning about conation.  We focus on Kolbe in everything we do, and this has had a noticeably positive impact on our culture. ”

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Abacus CPAs Honored

Management at Abacus CPAs, in Springfield, MO, credit the Kolbe ATM Index with helping them to successfully hire the right people and achieve an impressive reputation for innovation and consistent growth.  The firm was recently honored with an “Economic Impact Award” from the Springfield Business Journal.  


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 Striving Zones - How People Act when free to be Themselves 

is the latest iteration of Kathy Kolbe’s Theory of Conation. This model of human performance, used by individuals and companies around the world, has continued to evolve since it was first described in Kolbe’s best seller, “The Conative Connection.” 



- If you have choices for things you can do today, you are living a good life.

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- “We use Kolbe solutions in all of our hiring decisions.  Today, our company has a spark to it because our people are wired into what their conative instincts are.  This makes them more confident in their jobs and happy about what they’re doing." 

Shawn Gulyas
Vice President of Human Resources
La Macchia Enterprises


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