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New & Enhanced Kolbe Reports

At Conation Nation Symposium, we introduced a number of exciting improvements to several of our online reports.  These enhancements are now live on our system and will make it easier for you to use and interpret the reports available through RightFitTM and KolbeCore® Pro. 

RightFit Reports 
Kolbe Corp's statistically proven hiring system is now even better! RightFit offers highly effective solutions for helping companies screen and select the best job applicants.  The updated reports are designed to communicate more effectively with people involved in hiring who are less familiar with Kolbe terminology. 

The RightFit and Range of SuccessTM  reports have been consolidated into one report combining all the graphics of the Range of Success with the details on the RightFit report.  The new Range of Success report will feature a summary at the beginning and then provide a description of the requirements for success in a specific role.

The Candidate Report and Summary have been simplified with easy-to-read scores and graphics. The Candidate Report will feature a summary at the beginning and – based on the input of supervisors and/or high-performers – predict how likely it is that the candidate will be successful. 

KolbeCore Pro 
Welcome to KolbeCore Pro Snapshots! This feature is included with all KolbeCore Pro software and allows you to run three new reports for no extra charge – the "Conative SnapshotTM," the "Kolbe ATM Distribution," and the "Kolbe A Distribution Detail." You can select people one-by-one, by division or department, or (if you license TeamTactix®) by an entire TeamTactix team.  You will also be able to build groups "on the fly" and see their conative distribution, compose collections of profiles, and view conative synergy.  Additionally, Conative Snapshots will enable you to see in real time how specific revisions within a team will affect performance. Here's a little demonstration of how they work...

To learn more about solutions available with Kolbe WAREWithal® software (including RightFit and KolbeCore Pro), contact your Kolbe Corp representative.

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