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Make a Stylish Statement With Your Conative Wardrobe

At the recent Conation Nation Symposium, we introduced a new way for you to celebrate your M.O. in style!  Customized Kolbe purple M.O. T-shirts can now be purchased on the Kolbe website. 


Each t-shirt says "What's my formula for success?" on the front and has an image of YOUR M.O. on the back. Shirts are available in a wide variety of sizes in “Men’s” and “Women’s” styles –and your shirt highlights your personal conative M.O. 

So, don’t be late.  Reports indicate that these shirts will be “all the rage” with the “in” crowd! Order here.

In the Spotlight...

Kolbe Consultant Honored

For many years, Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultant Steve Lear has worked to build collaborations between organizations and faith groups... 


Featured Product...

 New Customized M.O. T-shirts

Get yours today!



- Those who overthink a problem rarely take enough #‎conative action to solve it.

Quote of the month...

- “I finally understand myself (my mode of actions!), the situation I have created and the next actions I must take in order to produce the powerful team I want to help grow my business. I have been crashing into my ceiling of complexity for years, and now I understand why and what I must do next." 

Eric Rothman
Financial Advisor, Strategies for Wealth


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