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Dynamynd Child Advocateā„¢ Program

Too many youngsters are being labeled as having problems – or creating problems – when they are themselves the victims of harmful stereotypes.  The Kolbe Theory of Conation explains how and why this happens to perfectly capable kids.  It can also be your guide in doing something about it.

Dynamynd Inc.’s Dynamynd Child Advocate Program offers four levels of sequential training for individuals who demonstrate a high level of commitment to helping children succeed by finding the freedom to be themselves. 

Any interested individual may participate in Level 1 teleconferences.  Participation in future Levels will be by invitation only, based on efforts made at previous levels.

All levels include three 90-minute teleconferences. Levels 2-4 will include individualized discussions.

Level 1 – Helps you advocate for a specific youngster between 2 and 20 years old.  Special needs kids may be chosen.  Includes three 90-minute teleconferences, which may be attended LIVE on the dates listed below, or afterwards on-line.  There will be no written test nor Continuing Education credits.

  • Learn how to meet the conative needs of the child you choose as your focus for this Level.
  • Discover the type of Conables® - tricks that will help this child.
  • Find out how to use communication techniques that will help you deal with this child.
  • Identify and deal with conative biases that may be affecting this child.
  • Explore the variety of  strategies that have been successful in dealing with kids’ conative needs.

Thurs., June 25: 5pm (EDT)     Tues., July 28: 5pm (EDT)     Weds., Sept. 9: 5pm (EDT)

Fee for Level 1:  $295

Those who complete Level 1 will be eligible to apply for Levels 2-4.

Please request applications by email from: info@Dynamynd.com.

Level 2 is required for those wishing to use Dynamynd Inc. programs with classrooms or other small groups of children.  Fee $375.

Level 3 is required for those wishing to work with specific school systems, health, recreation or other local community systems. Fees to be announced.

Level 4 is required for those wishing to do presentations, development programs, or write materials or curricula based on Dynamynd Inc. programs. Fees to be announced.

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