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2015 Second Quarter Newsletter


Conation Nation Symposium 2015 Rewind

The 2015 Conation Nation Symposium on May 7th featured an exciting array of presentations, announcements, entertainment, and much more.  Above all, it was a fabulous conation celebration helping people to Power Up Their Instincts!

"I attend literally a hundred plus conferences per year and Conation Nation was run as well as any I have been to.  Your team was energized, gracious and super helpful!" 

Ted LeClair
Senior Vice President/Client Solutions Group

Natixis Global Asset Managemen

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Striving Zones: How People Act when Free to be Themselves

Introducing Kathy Kolbe's latest book

For three decades, the work of Kathy Kolbe has transformed how we understand human performance. By identifying the conative, instinctive talents within each of us, she has provided an integrated, powerful and practical theory to improve productivity...



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Kolbe Publishes The Dynamynd® Interview

The Dynamynd® Interview is a proven, effective process for determining an individual’s likely level of commitment in all three areas of the mind – cognitive, affective, and conative. It helps employers screen and interview candidates...

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New & Enhanced Kolbe Reports

At Conation Nation Symposium, we introduced a number of exciting improvements to several of our online reports. 

  • Consolidated & Updated Kolbe RightFitTM reports
  • Brand New KolbeCore® Pro Snapshot Reports

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Dynamynd Child Advocate™ Program

Too many youngsters are being labeled as having problems – or creating problems – when they are themselves the victims of harmful stereotypes.  The Kolbe Theory of Conation explains how and why this happens to perfectly capable kids.  It can also be your guide in doing something about it. 

Dynamynd Inc.’s Dynamynd Child Advocate Program offers four levels of sequential training for individuals who demonstrate a high level of commitment to helping children succeed by finding the freedom to be themselves. 

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Kolbe at 40

Believe it or not, Kolbe Corp celebrates its 40th anniversary this year!  As one way of marking this big milestone, each of this year’s quarterly issues of Kolbe Connection will  include highlights from one of the past four decades of exploring conation and helping people to improve their lives in the ways they care about most.

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The Buzz

Management: Tell people WHAT you want done, not HOW to do it. – LinkedIn 
     Exactly!  It’s amazing how people will perform when given the freedom to be themselves!.
How companies use teams to drive performance – EY (Ernst & Young)
     WOW! They are on the right track but all of these companies need Kolbe Team reports and Leadership Analytics!
Collaboration, from the Wright Brothers to Robots – HBR
How did collaborative relationships so ingeniously amplify individual talent and impact?"

In the Spotlight...

Kolbe Consultant Honored

For many years, Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultant Steve Lear has worked to build collaborations between organizations and faith groups... 


Featured Product...

 New Customized M.O. T-shirts

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- Those who overthink a problem rarely take enough #‎conative action to solve it.

Quote of the month...

- “I finally understand myself (my mode of actions!), the situation I have created and the next actions I must take in order to produce the powerful team I want to help grow my business. I have been crashing into my ceiling of complexity for years, and now I understand why and what I must do next." 

Eric Rothman
Financial Advisor, Strategies for Wealth


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