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PSG Celebrates 25 Years of Helping People to Excel

Congratulations to our friends at Performance Strategies Group, Inc. (PSG) on recently marking their 25th anniversary.

PSG was started in 1990, when Mari Martin, the founding partner, was introduced to the Kolbe A™ Index while reading an article in The Wall Street Journal.  Mari became one of the first consultants worldwide to be trained and certified to work with clients using the full suite of the Kolbe StrengthsTM assessment tools.

On December 4th, Mari and her partners, Chris Martin (Mari’s Husband) and Monica Gravenhof, hosted an anniversary celebration in their hometown of Holland, MI.

Kolbe Corp Vice President Amy Hagerman attended the event and said, “We couldn’t be happier for our friends at PSG and we are very proud of our association with them!  Mari, Chris, and Monica are people of great integrity and passion that enables them to incorporate Kolbe into their daily lives and the lives of their clients.”

Happy anniversary PSG!

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PSG Celebrates 25 Years

Congratulations to our friends at Performance Strategies Group, Inc. (PSG) on recently marking their 25th anniversary. 



- If you see an array of brightness among rows of dark windows, that would be an initiating Quick Start striving to express individuality.

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-I feel like I have finally discovered it's ok to be myself, that I've got permission to be the way I am  ....

… Today I've had more fun in a day, by just going with the flow and enjoying myself, than I've had in ages.  I'm in the process of reorganizing the way I do my work, so that I can revel in my 5-3-9-3 Quick-Start strength and find people who can support me properly.

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