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2015 Fourth Quarter


Hiking Across the Grand Canyon – One conative step at a time

By James Trujillo

Hiking across the Grand Canyon in one day is a demanding adventure that requires months of physical, mental, and logistical preparation.  By relying on their conative strengths, two hikers not only successfully complete the 24-mile excursion, but they have a good time doing so.

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Kolbe at 40

Believe it or not, Kolbe Corp celebrates its 40th anniversary this year!  As one way of marking this big milestone, recent issues of Kolbe Connection have included highlights from the past four decades of exploring conation and helping people to improve their lives in the ways they care about most.

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The Buzz

What Amazing Bosses Do Differently – HBR 
 If you supervise others, make sure you do the following


You Can’t Engage Employees by Copying How Other Companies Do It – HBR
Key principles that are common to companies that engender the commitment of all those who work for them.


Authentic Workplaces Don’t Try to Make Everyone the Same – HBR
Is your company “diverse enough”?


You Don’t Need Charisma to Be an Inspiring Leader 
Make a decision, and inspire change!


Consultant Eric Herrera Named Director of Sales for Kolbe Corp

Marketing and sales executive will lead Kolbe Corp sales team and focus on meeting growing worldwide demand for conative assessments.

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In the Spotlight...

PSG Celebrates 25 Years

Congratulations to our friends at Performance Strategies Group, Inc. (PSG) on recently marking their 25th anniversary. 



- If you see an array of brightness among rows of dark windows, that would be an initiating Quick Start striving to express individuality.

Quote of the month...

-I feel like I have finally discovered it's ok to be myself, that I've got permission to be the way I am  ....

… Today I've had more fun in a day, by just going with the flow and enjoying myself, than I've had in ages.  I'm in the process of reorganizing the way I do my work, so that I can revel in my 5-3-9-3 Quick-Start strength and find people who can support me properly.

Lee Duncan
The Double Your Business Coach

Author Double Your Business - How To Break Through The Barriers To Higher Growth, Turnover And Profit from Financial Times Publishing

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