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The Power of Prevention in the Workplace

A person’s Kolbe M.O. (modus operandi) consists of four numbers – identifying their strengths in each of the four Action Modes®.  There is a danger in identifying with only the highest of these numbers, or the Modes where a person initiates action. Lower numbers are not weaknesses, they are important parts of how people work whether they are on their own or working with a group or team. These areas of prevention are vital to the health and success of any organization!

Because people begin the problem-solving process using the Action Mode with the “highest” number, it’s easiest to see those initiating strengths. Preventative strengths can be just as powerful, and just as valuable, even though they’re usually not as obvious.

People who initiate in Fact Finder insist on getting the details and specifics so things are done right, and they keep track of what has worked (or failed) in the past.

People who have a 1 – 3 in Fact Finder see the big picture. They don’t get bogged down in minutiae and don’t need to follow tradition. They are generalists who can see the forest instead of the trees. They may be thought of as forgetful or ditzy, but they prevent analysis paralysis and are valuable members of any team.

People who initiate in Follow Thru are often sought after because they make sure that everything gets done in a systematic way.

People who have a 1 – 3 in Follow Thru cut through red tape and get to the bottom line.  They will naturally bypass unnecessary procedures, find shortcuts, and thrive on interruption and multitasking.  Because they aren’t systematic, they respond easily to the moment. It’s best if they can share repetitive or routine tasks with someone else so that they don’t lose interest. Sometimes they appear inconsiderate, but it’s just because they are non-sequential and don’t follow the set patterns. They prevent bureaucracy and overregulation, and help keep teams and companies from getting boxed in.

Those who initiate in Quick Start are natural change agents with a need for experimentation and a sense of urgency, operating best when up against a deadline.

People with a 1 – 3 in Quick Start keep companies and teams from throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water or from changing so much so quickly that the company loses its identity. They keep initiating Quick Starts from wasting too much time changing things that cannot or should not be changed, making them an integral part of the innovative team. They prevent chaos and an atmosphere of crisis by creating stability. They do this by keeping changes from getting out-of-hand and working towards agreement about what will remain the same.

Initiating Implementors are literally “hands-on” people who need to see, touch and feel what they are working on.

Those with a 1 – 3 in Implementor imagine the possibilities and operate best in abstract ideas, rather than concrete solutions. They communicate well with words and don’t need a physical model to demonstrate an idea – they just envision it. They prevent the need for tangible evidence or physical proof.

You are your whole M.O. – all four numbers are important. If you’re not sure what they all mean, please take a little time to review your Kolbe A™ Index Result. If you haven’t taken it yet, then click here and discover your instinctive method of operation (M.O.) now!

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