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2014 May Newsletter


The Power of Prevention in the Workplace

A person’s Kolbe M.O. (modus operandi) consists of four numbers –  identifying their strengths in each of the four Action Modes®.  There is a danger in identifying with only the highest of these numbers, or the Modes where a person initiates action. Lower numbers are not weaknesses...

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The Wisdom of the Ages

Recently, we’ve received questions about the ancient philosophers and their references to the “three parts of the mind.” We refer them to a little Kolbe document published in 1985 called the Wisdom of the Ages: Historical & Theoretical Basis of the Kolbe Concept™.

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Kolbe Wisdomâ„¢ Workshop in Toronto

  Toronto, ON - Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

 You have a natural groove – when your work seems effortless and the day flies by. This workshop uses Kolbe Indexes to identify your conative strengths (your “groove”) and measures them against the work you’re doing...

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The Buzz

Why Retention Will Make or Break the Talent Crisis  – LinkedIn
    Retention and attrition in the workplace are vitally important, and without considering conation, it’s like playing roulette with your hiring dollars.
Build Your Own All-Star Team – HBR
    You'll increase your chances of building a successful "all-star" team when you consider individual conative strengths and avoid stress due to cloning or polarization.
Here is what it Actually Takes to Make it as an Entrepreneur  – LinkedIn
    Great article - although, we know that there are definitely natural-born entrepreneurs!
The Trouble with Leadership Theories – HBR
    Great leaders create the conditions for other people’s greatness to come out.

Featured Product...

 Bottom Lines App or Booklet

A must-have for everyone seeking to leverage conation - a handy reference guide for understanding instinctive patterns of behavior described by the Kolbe ATM Index.


Blog from Kolbe

“I dunno & I dun care” Then Why Should We 


- Learn to Do Nothing. It can be a brain protecting skill.

Quote of the month...

-“The Kolbe Concept™ changes people’s lives! It’s something I CAN really trust!”

Marit Peters, Chief Strategy Officer, Independent Insurance Agents of New Mexico

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