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Sometimes a Cartoon is Worth a Thousand Words

Kolbe Corp’s business model relies on the training and licensing of Kolbe Certified™ Consultants in the art and science of conation. We offer our three-day certification trainings every six to eight weeks. Our diverse approach to training has us pulling in all sorts of aids such as video clips, role-playing and cartoons to drive home salient points.

Participants have found that once they understand conation (the instinctive way that we all take action), they will never be able to view a movie, TV show, or stage play quite the same way. If a conative profile is established in the character, we expect that person to continue in that pattern of behavior if their actions are to ring true and be considered “authentic.”

Cartoons are a brief, short-hand way to bring a point home. Check out some of our favorites below:

  1. Daryl (preventative Fact Finder, bottom-line person) is interacting with Wanda (who needs all the initiating Fact Finder information).

  2. Sally Forth, a quintessential initiating Follow Thru, puts something on her to-do list that was not there initially in order to show its completion by crossing it off. 
    Note:  As a 2 in Follow Thru, I thought this practice was extreme but by polling class members, I found it was a common practice. 

                 SALLY FORTH ©1994 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved.

  1. The sense of urgency that drives the initiating Quick Start is captured perfectly here. You know that Calvin is a kid who will cram for tests the rest of his life.

  2. A preventative Quick Start is not the best at pure brainstorming. 


5. In my opinion, this is an all-time perfect conative cartoon. It captures the initiating Implementor’s need to convert the abstract to concrete in order to solve the problem.  6. Finally, the boss doesn’t get it and is actually doing you a favor by suggesting you find more fertile ground to be your conative self.


      If you have other cartoons to share, we are always happy to receive them at info@kolbe.com


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      - NY Times Proves It's Conative Bias. Headine for promo/feature re book dictating right way to ad-lib: Get the Laughs, but Follow the Rules
      -  Dare I ask? Has move toward Rules for Improv caused stress that has ruined lives of those w/ instincts to actually be able to ad-lib?

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      -“Those who manage their way into a crisis are not necessarily the right people to manage their way out of a crisis."

      - Albert Einstein

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