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2014 March Newsletter


Sometimes a Cartoon is Worth a Thousand Words

Our diverse approach to training has us pulling in all sorts of aids such as video clips, role-playing and cartoons to drive home salient points. Cartoons are a brief, short-hand way to bring a point home...

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Conative Bracketology

Attention basketball fans from all over the Conation Nation:  This week marks the beginning of “March Madness,” also known as the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Can conation help you with filling out your March Madness bracket (aka “bracketology”)?

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Conation Nation Symposium - Save the Date

Have you saved the date yet?

You don't want to miss all of the dynamic speakers, break-out sessions and networking opportunities - plus enjoy the luxurious Westin Kierland Resort and Spa!

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The Buzz


Why Good Managers Are So Rare – HBR
     “Gallup finds that companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job 82% of the time” and good managers have a combination of hard-to-teach traits."

Trust Yourself More Than A Computer  – LinkedIn
    Trust your instincts!

Two Sides of the Same Coin: The Employment Crisis and the Education Crisis – Forbes
     An education system churning out people who can't be creative problem solvers...boy, do they need Kolbe!

What Does Success Mean to You? – HBR
    "True success is the freedom to be yourself" - Kathy Kolbe


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Blog from Kolbe

Why Instinct-based Education


- NY Times Proves It's Conative Bias. Headine for promo/feature re book dictating right way to ad-lib: Get the Laughs, but Follow the Rules
-  Dare I ask? Has move toward Rules for Improv caused stress that has ruined lives of those w/ instincts to actually be able to ad-lib?

Quote of the month...

-“Those who manage their way into a crisis are not necessarily the right people to manage their way out of a crisis."

- Albert Einstein

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