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Retake the Kolbe A™ Index? Why…?

We often hear from people wondering if they should retake the Kolbe A™ Index.  Sometimes folks think that maybe their Result isn’t accurate because it doesn’t represent how they currently do things or think they do them. Some people have experienced a negative bias against their M.O. from colleagues, family or supervisors and want it to be different so they will “fit-in” better. It’s important to understand, the Kolbe A Index measures your natural talents and how you do things when you’re free to be yourself, which may not be the way you currently have to operate.


It is quite rare for someone who takes the Index again to get a statistically different result. The first time one takes it almost always yields the most accurate answers. About one million Indexes have been taken around the world in the last three decades, and the Kolbe Index has shown tremendous reliability and validity. It has a test/re-test reliability of more than 90%! This means that there is rarely a difference of more than one in each of the four Action Modes® when someone retakes the Kolbe A Index. Although it could be profitable for Kolbe to recommend that people retake it as many times as they like, we are confident in the results and wouldn't want to waste their time and money.

There are, however, a few specific times when we do recommend that an individual retake the Kolbe A Index. The most common of these occurs when people receive a Transition Result. This could indicate they didn’t understand the instructions when they took the Index, or it could mean that they are in a period of transition in their life. 

Transition generally indicates an internal tug of war over the way a person tries to get things done. Perhaps the person is trying to do whatever they believe they have to do in order to satisfy their present situation or requirements of others. He or she should retake the Kolbe A Index once the situation is resolved.1 We strongly encourage people to speak with a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant for an in-depth discussion and to determine when it's best to consider retaking the Index. 

When to retake the Kolbe A Index:

  • If someone misunderstood the instructions for taking an Index, (i.e. answering questions about thier job instead of themselves) they can retake it as soon as they understand the instructions.
  • If the Transition Result was generated by trying to conform to someone else’s expectations, the Index can usually be retaken immediately. The person should remember to answer the questions by thinking of the phrase “If free to be myself…”
  • If a person is in Transition due to self-imposed expectations, he or she will probably need a longer period to explore the reasons behind these expectations. The Index should be retaken only when the individual is willing to fight for the freedom to be who they really are.
  • If a person is in Transition due to significant life changes, he or she should wait until they have adjusted to these changes before retaking the Kolbe Index.2


1,2 Kolbe Corp, Bottom Lines (Kolbe Corp 2009-2013), 18-19

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