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Kolbe Wisdomâ„¢ Changes the Game for Rose, Snyder & Jacobs

When Tony Rose learned about his M.O. it really helped him understand himself. “It permitted me to be me,” he said. At the time, his executive team was struggling to work together. The company was managing alright, growing and making money, but it just wasn’t easy.  Like many other companies, they promoted people to managerial roles without understanding that just because people are great at their job doesn’t mean they would be great managing people who do that job.

Kolbe’s Leadership Analytics™ Reports of their original executive team revealed that a big part of their conflict was due to conative cloning and a lack of team Synergy. They were all too much alike and needed people with different strengths to balance their team.

The partners worked to improve their understanding of the diversity in the firm,so  they created an organizational chart that tracked everyones Kolbe Index Results. Everyone learned to understand each other's conative needs and respect their differences, causing them to be more patient during training. The biggest beneficiaries were those who prevented in Quick Start, whose strengths were put to better use and who began to have more opportunities to advance into managerial roles.

Encouraged by the improvements in team productivity, Tony continued to lead the firm toward a culture that worked together better. They made sure that everyone knew each other’s conative M.O. by posting them at every desk and including them on the company phone list. The partners started to think differently and talk differently, and they had an awareness of the value of each individual’s strengths. They promoted two more partners who helped them achieve a new level of productivity and Team Synergy. These two new partners were the first to be promoted from the ranks of those who prevented in Quick Start.  This change created better balance in the firm.  Now, the firm is in the top 250 accounting firms in the US!

“I love the Kolbe System™,” says Tony, “not just because it’s helped generate income, but it’s changed the way we do business!” His advice to every business leader, “Always use Kolbe RightFit™ for hiring.”

Tony is a founding partner of the Los Angeles accounting firm Rose, Snyder & Jacobs. He has spent considerable time resolving the complexities faced by families of wealth. Through counseling and leading multidisciplinary teams of professionals, he has provided valuable guidance at the point where life intersects wealth. Along with an uncommon passion for client-centered outcomes, Tony has more than 30 years of experience working with businesses and their owners in the manufacturing, real estate and service sectors. Tony is a Legacy Wealth Coach® and Kolbe Certified™ Consultant. In 2008, he published his first book, Say Hello to the Elephants, a four-part process for finding clarity, confronting problems and moving on. Later this year his second book will be published by Business Expert Press.  The working title is Five Eyes on the Fence, about the capital that every individual controls, including their conative strengths.

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- 3 people w different #conative strengths working together for an hour will solve more problems than one of them would in a day.

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-“Trying to change your instinctive pattern of operating is like a left-handed person trying to write with the right hand."

- Kathy Kolbe, Founder, Kolbe Corp

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