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2014 June Newsletter


Retake the Kolbe A™ Index? Why…?

We often hear from people wondering if they should retake the Kolbe A™ Index.  Sometimes folks think that maybe their Result isn’t accurate because it doesn’t represent how they do things or think they do them. Some people have experienced... 

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Kolbe Wisdom™ Changes the Game for Rose, Snyder & Jacobs

When Tony Rose learned about his M.O. it really helped him understand himself. “It permitted me to be me,” he said. At the time, his executive team was struggling to work together. The company was managing alright, growing and making money, but it just wasn’t easy.  

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Kolbe Wisdom™ Workshop in Toronto

Toronto, ON - Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Have you found your groove yet, both personally and professionally? Learn to trust your instincts and leverage your strengths to improve your life. Come to our powerful one-day workshop in Toronto and get in your groove!

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The Buzz

The True Cost of Hiring Yet Another Manager  – HBR
Just one more reason to use RightFit™!
3 Ways to Improve Your Team – LinkedIn
Respecting and valuing each one's strengths is vital to working together successfully. 
Instinct Can Beat Analytical Thinking – HBR
Great podcast about the value of following your instincts in the business world.
6 Tips for Small Emnployers Thinking About Workplace Wellness – LinkedIn
Helping people work within their conative grain does the body good too. Don't forget to include Kolbe in your wellness discussions.

Featured Product...

 Kolbe Leadership Analytics™ Solutions

Improve productivity and efficiency and improve Team Synergy.


Blog from Kolbe

“I dunno & I dun care” Then Why Should We? 


- 3 people w different #conative strengths working together for an hour will solve more problems than one of them would in a day.

Quote of the month...

-“Trying to change your instinctive pattern of operating is like a left-handed person trying to write with the right hand."

- Kathy Kolbe, Founder, Kolbe Corp

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