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The Graduation Experience

You’ve waited all your life for this moment, your goal has been realized, you did it! Now what? Mixed in with the tune of Pomp and Circumstance, this question is echoing in the hearts and minds (Twitter feeds and Instagram streams - #watchoutworld-hereIcome) of graduates everywhere.  All of us have some experience in this area, whether first-hand or because we are close to someone who has gone, or is going, through this rite of passage.

High school grads are going in a variety of different directions: many to Community Colleges and tech schools to test the higher education waters, while others are going to universities to pursue their future (or Greek row aspirations), and still others are heading straight out into the big, cold world to start making a living.

Some college grads already have jobs lined up in their fields, but the majority just want to get a job, any job, quickly! Maybe it’s because they need to start paying back their student loans or they are just tired of Top Ramen …or both. Some are headed to grad school because they need specialized degrees to do what they ultimately want to do (keeping their fingers crossed that it will be worth it).

GRADS BEWARE: “Follow your dreams” isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be! What if you’re not good at what you dream of? That is one of a grad’s biggest fears. What if you’ve wanted to be a flight attendant all your life, and then discover that the constant travel and unpredictable schedule causes you a lot of stress? What if you want to be a dental hygienist but are all thumbs when using those sharp implements? What if you get your MBA, only to find out that you hate working in business and actually want to be school teacher? What if? What if? What if?

Graduates should all know their Kolbe M.O. and get a Career MO+™. This is not a sales-pitch – it’s the truth! This way they can learn about work in careers or industries that they are passionate about, and ways to work that suit their natural strengths and talents. It also gives them a much better chance to be successful and productive, and reduces the risk of workplace stress that comes from working against their conative grain.

Be a glad grad – get the Career MO+ package today!

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  Dr. Diane DeBacker takes position in Abu Dhabi!

A champion of Kolbe Wisdom™, Dr. DeBacker just resigned as the Kansas Education Commissioner... 


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- Friends support you in being who you are, not who they wish you would be.
-  Wise #leaders work hard to help others have the freedom to work according to their instincts.

Quote of the month...

-“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso

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